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Best techniques to optimize Amazon product listing in 2022

May 9

Amazon is the world's largest online marketplace. With more than 2 million sellers, it is no longer enough to simply list your products on Amazon and expect sales to come flooding in. You need to optimize your product listing with the most effective strategy for success. To maximize your sales, you have to optimize every piece of your listing so that you can turn visitors into buyers.

Product listing optimization is the process of optimizing your Amazon product page to make it more relevant and appealing to customers. As an Amazon seller, you are competing against other merchants for a shopper’s attention, so you need to ensure that your product listing is better than the rest in order to increase conversions. It uses search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to rank your Amazon product listings in the top positions on search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal is to increase your sales by getting more clicks on your product listing.

Why would you want to optimize your product listing?

  • You want to optimize your product listing because if it's not optimized, you're leaving money on the table by not selling your product as well as possible.
  • When you optimize your product listing, you're making sure that your listing is being seen by the right people who are most likely to buy what you have to offer.

The more relevant and interesting your product listing is, the more likely someone is to buy it.

  • Optimizing your product listing will also help with conversions (turning visitors into buyers). Your goal should be to make it as easy as possible for them to find and buy from you.
  • If your product isn't optimized for the right keywords, then people searching for similar items won't find it in their search results and they won't know about it.
  • If you don't optimize your product listings properly, then they won't show up when someone searches for something related to it and therefore they won't be able to see what you have available or purchase any of your products
  • If someone has already bought from you before and they enjoyed their experience, then they'll come back again. This will happen only if they feel like they can trust that their information is safe with you.

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Techniques to optimize Amazon product listing

At Amazon, you'll almost always be competing against other sellers for your own customers, so your product listing needs to be optimized in order to stand out above the rest. The good news is that Amazon has been very good about offering clear information about how they calculate their search rankings.

There are specific things you can do in the process of making your products available on Amazon that will help boost your search ranking:

Make sure your keywords are in the right places.

The first thing to note when optimizing your Amazon product listing is the role of your keywords. It's important that you research keywords that are relevant to your product and target market. You should incorporate those keywords into your listing in a way that sounds natural.

For instance, if you sell stuffed animals, you might want to use the keyword "stuffed animals" and related terms within the description of your product. You could also use "toys for kids."

Think of the words your target demographic would use when searching for a product like yours. This can help you boost your search engine ranking and make your listing more visible to potential buyers.

Make sure your description is clear and easy to understand

For a description to be effective, it must be clear and easy to understand. This is especially important for an Amazon product listing, where you have about 500 words to describe your product. You can use these tips to make sure that your Amazon description is clear:

  • Write in short sentences.
  • Use simple vocabulary.
  • Cut out unnecessary words and phrases.
  • If possible, break long sentences into two or three shorter sentences. This makes the meaning clearer and easier to grasp.

Ensure that your products are listed in the right categories

When you have a bunch of products in several categories and subcategories, it can be easy for things to get messy. But making sure that everything is organized will help the user experience and therefore lead to more sales for your business.

You can organize your product categories by following these steps:

  • Create product categories based on the same type of products (e.g., clothes for men, women, or kids).
  • Organize each category into subcategories with similar products (e.g., dresses, skirts, and leggings under "women's clothing").
  • Make sure that there is an organized hierarchy between the categories and subcategories so that users can easily navigate their way through.

Optimize product titles

Amazon product titles are one of the most important parts of your listing, and you should consider them carefully when optimizing your Amazon store. Product title optimization is crucial because it helps customers find your product while they're searching, and it also provides helpful context to the search engine that drives Amazon's catalog.

When writing your title, include:

  • Keywords (this should be the first thing people see)
  • Brand name or manufacturer
  • Model or variation information (e.g., size, color)   

Upload relevant and good quality images

You want people to be able to see what they're getting clearly and easily. We recommend using a professional photographer if at all possible, but if you're doing it yourself, make sure that the lighting is good, the image is focused and clear, and there are no distracting elements in the background. Try to take pictures of the product from different angles and in different environments.

The more photos you incorporate into your listing, the better your chance that a potential customer will be intrigued.

Be sure to include bullet points in your listing

List your most important features in bullet points at the top of your description. This allows customers to easily reference what they need to know about your product and can help them decide if it's a fit for their needs. There is also a limit of 500 characters per bullet point, so writing bullet points also helps you stay within character limits. Keep them short and use capitalization and punctuation where appropriate.

Add maximum reviews from real people

Adding reviews to your listing is a great way to encourage customers to buy from you. By reviewing your product, they are telling their friends and family members that they purchased it, which increases the likelihood that those people will make a purchase as well.

You can ask your family and friends to review the product. You can also reach out to people who have purchased the product and ask them for a review. Not everyone will leave a review, but some of them will, which is better than none at all

The more reviews there are, the better chance you'll have at getting new customers interested enough to buy from you again!

Conclusive Remarks

Amazon product listing optimization services are  a great way to increase your sales, as well as streamline research and analysis. As with any self-optimization strategy, making even small changes to your listings can have a huge impact on the results you see. Try implementing the tips you learned in this guide over the next month, and see what happens! No matter how you do, you will likely improve your results considerably. If nothing else, you will be better prepared to make adjustments when they are needed. That is an important step towards continued improvement.